Mine gitarer

Squire Precision bass 2000 mod.
Crafted in Indonesia. SN IC00081983

Fender American Special Stratocaster. 2017 mod. Made in USA.

Asama. Japansk, antakelig fra 1980-årene.

Takamine. Korea. EG541C

Hokada. Made in Romania. Stentor Music Co. Ltd.

Fender Stratocaster 2011 mod.
Made in Mexico. MX11235491

Morgan 12-strenger. W116A12CEN

Samick 2011 mod. Crafted in Indonesia
Greg Bennet Design. D-6CE

Ukjent merke. Antakelig produsert i Øst-Tyskland.

Epiphone Les Paul, produsert i Tjekkia av Bohemia Musico-Delicia factory
2000 mod. B08810876
Det er ikke en Gibson, som det står på gitaren.

Gibson SG Faded Worn Brown. Produsert 30. januar 2008 i Nashville, USA. Solgt!

Morgan. Korea. W300CE-N

Marina M-32WR
This type was produced from 1983-1985 by Mr. Tsai Ching Fong, who founded the Chuan Yin Music Company with his brothers. Later the name changed to Farida-factory, after the son succeeded his father. Marina is today a trademark by Farida. Colours: red, green, white and black. Tropical woods were used.